Cycling and NFTs – what’s the point?

Cycling and NFTs – what’s the point?; Riders on the storm at the Dutch Headwind Championships + more on the live blog

It’s Monday and welcome back to the live blog – Ryan Mallon is here as we head into the new week with all the optimism of a rider on the start line of the Dutch Headwind Championships

12:11 ‘Why don’t cyclists use bike lanes?’ No. 435

12:09 Female cyclist sprayed with beer and verbally abused by men blocking cycle path

The cyclist was left shaken by the incident involving a group of men who police believe may have been involved in criminal damage and an assault earlier on Friday afternoon

11:22 Riders on the Storm

Forget Valenciana, forget Bessèges, and definitely forget the Saudi Tour – the real racing this weekend was to be found on a nine-kilometre dam by the North Sea.

The Dutch Headwind Cycling Championship is an annual time trial event which takes place on the Oosterscheldekering barrier during stormy weather.

Participants have to ride the time trial on a high bar, single speed bike provided by the organisers. As extremely windy conditions – of Wind Force 7 or higher – are necessary to stage the event, the race has no fixed date on the calendar. Riders have to be prepared at any time to race and are warned by the organisers three days before a storm is due.

This year, the 200 entrants faced one of the hardest editions to date – with wind speeds of up to 57mph, along with rain and sand thrown in for good measure.

Jurjun van der Velde won the men’s event, covering the 8.5 kilometre course in 20 minutes 23 seconds, while Lisa Scheenaard, an Olympic medallist in the double sculls, won the women’s race with a time of 22 minutes 53 seconds.

Not sure what the UCI’s extreme weather protocol makes of the whole thing…

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