CryptoBots NFT Game 2017 Is Making A Lazarus Style Return!

CryptoBots was the first play to earn game on the Ethereum blockchain, launched way back in 2017. Back when the NFT field was in its infancy, this NFT based blockchain game was accomplishing feats that were well beyond it’s competition and even the time. That was until when it mysteriously disappeared for some reason (high gas!?) in 2018. With the recent rise of NFT archaeology, CryptoBots was rediscovered and we started to marvel at the defunct game astonishingly ahead of it’s time via its screenshots, videos etc. Until Oct 18, when the team woke up again all of a sudden and announced that they are making a new game based on the oldest play to earn game’s NFTs!

Now, the team hasn’t released much details about the upcoming game, but the official Discord has sprung back to life and the team has announced a giveaway plus the companion mint for the whitelisted participants. So, head over to the Discord and fill a simple form. The qualification criteria is either invitation of 5 friends to the discord channel. or holding CryptoBots gen 0, fancy bots or any three bots gen 1 and above. Once the team reaches 10K entries on the whitelist, they will start minting!

The team official discord posted this message on the Lazarus style return!

CryptoBots are Back! The community is bringing one of the oldest crypto collections into the metaverse! We’ve received a lot of messages from our community members asking us to revive the project. We’ve seen a lot of interest in the CryptoBots collection in the market. Today we are happy to announce that CryptoBots are coming back! We are making a new game in partnership with based on the original NFT project. Join us in discord and follow us on Twitter for all the news and announcements!

We are very excited about the upcoming revamped game and we hope that you are too. CryptoBots form a unique part of the NFT archaeology being first play to earn game on the Ethereum blockchain and this NFT project has the potential to become the next blue chip. The team is launching a new game and new companions are being minted for the old CryptoBots! Perhaps, seeing the historical angle, the cool art and the gaming significance, other NFT projects might release something for the CryptoBots holders too, just like Blockchain Cuties (another historical NFT project) did back in 2018, after the CryptoBots game disappeared, to entice the active and vibrant community to their project!

CryptoBots Historical Game Screenshots

About CryptoBots

The first play to earn NFT based game CryptoBots contract was deployed on Dec 29, 2017. CryptoBots has a supply cap of 9341 unique bots. According to the official description: “CryptoBots is a collector’s blockchain game created by Playneta Studio. Playneta is a mobile game development studio. The company was founded in 2015 by Shikharev Semyon. The bottom line of the game is quite simple; Build the best Bot army in the world: Procure some Bots and start forming your army. Improve your army through clever manufacturing, recycling, buying and selling. Battle test your new Bot army. Dominate the world.”

It offered players the ability to collect and trade unique collectible bots on the Ethereum blockchain. The users could acquire, auction, mix / match from the smart contract and pitch them against each other. CryptoBots had on-chain fighting / competition mechanism and the first battle occurred on Feb 03, 2018 beating the earlier record of CryptoFighters on Feb 20, 2018 by 17 days. However, the original game doesn’t exist anymore. The original developers recently announced that the CryptoBots game will be relaunched soon.

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