Crypto World 3D NFT Game Features MIST Token on Its Marketplace

Crypto World 3D NFT Game Features MIST Token on Its Marketplace—MMO Sandbox Redefines Blockchain Gaming?

Crypto World is a new NFT Game that would have a collaboration with MIST NFT to bring its marketplace, right on the game’s MMO Sandbox experience. Blockchain gaming has taken a turn for the better, as it features a new immersive world where one can promote a lifestyle, more than be a place to earn and play.

There are a lot of NFT games in existence, and Tech Times has even ranked several of these titles where one could earn as much as $100 a day, and some of which are the top-grossing ones.

MIST NFT Enters Crypto World’s Marketplace

According to MIST (via Medium), it has two things to offer to users: One is the Whitelist NFT drops and freebies for everyone via Gleam, and the second is the arrival of MIST’s NFT Marketplace on Crypto World’s MMO world.

MIST Whitelist via Gleam

MIST calls this event the “Whitelist” and users can register to it via Gleam’s website, where it would start at 2 PM UTC today and would be distributing as much as 10 NFT pets, weapons, wardrobe, and more. The event would span up to two weeks, and by this period, users can receive an in-game NFT which they can use or exchange.

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MIST NFT on Crypto World

On the other hand, MIST’s NFT Marketplace arrives on Crypto World, and the “ARNFT” or “augmented reality NFT” platform will hold a legitimate virtual store under MIST’s name.

What does this mean? Users would be able to see a store with MIST’s name on it, enter it, and have an NFT trading experience like no other. It resembles something which users do in real life, where they walk into a store to buy or sell a product and end up paying for it with real money.

In terms of NFT purchases, it is something that is paid for with real money, as cryptocurrency used to buy it constitutes a real-life price.

Crypto World: 3D MMO Sandbox Blockchain Gaming

Crypto World MMO Sandbox NFT Game

(Photo : Crypto World)

Crypto World” is an upcoming 3D MMO Sandbox Blockchain Game, that borders on the use of NFT and cryptocurrency for several elements in the game. It is the first of its kind, and it somehow resembles “Cyberpunk 2077” but with cryptocurrency and NFT as its defining factor.

Unlike any other NFT game, “Crypto World” offers a more realistic experience, comparing that to “Axie Infinity,” and other sandbox NFT titles available in the market. This redefines the genre of NFT gaming, as most are inclined in a “play-to-earn” scheme.

“Crypto World” borders on realistic experiences and an immersive 3D experience, which will help one traverse the online world, with NFT and crypto as its real-life counterpart. “Ready, Player One’s” concept can also be seen here, as in-game money is as much valuable as real-life.

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