CHESS.COM Launches New NFT Marketplace Built With WYRE

Today, Wyre, a leading cryptocurrency compliance infrastructure provider, is announcing a new marketplace with, an internet chess server and news and social networking website. The companies have launched a first-of-its-kind, NFT ecosystem at the intersection of blockchain and gaming known as Treasure Chess ( Now, utilizing Wyre’s platform, users can buy NFTs directly, without having to purchase cryptocurrency first. Additionally, users can sell NFTs in the marketplace to earn cryptocurrency without needing to purchase the digital asset, have a wallet or understand metamaskas. Treasure Chess generates an Ethereum Address for users that sign in with their account.

Treasure Chess is utilizing the benefits of blockchain-based ownership making ownership permanent, easy and secure, all while leveraging the security and scaling of Polygon, a blockchain priding itself on energy efficiency. In fact, minting a Treasure NFT on Treasure Chess requires less energy than playing a game of chess online. Further, the marketplace is paying all transaction fees on behalf of their users, in an unprecedented move to increase accessibility of NFT projects. Individuals will be able to convert fiat to USD Coin (a digital stablecoin pegged to the US Dollar), purchase, sell, mint, and collect NFTs, without exposure to price volatility. Users will also be able to cash out instantaneously while creating collections of Treasure NFTs from games of their favorite chess streamers and content creators.

“We have built the best NFT experience and most innovative cryptocurrency onboarding stack ever created: there are direct fiat onramps with our partner Wyre, there is no need to buy cryptocurrency to participate but you’re still able to earn, users have secure logins through their existing online accounts, all cryptocurrency transaction fees are paid on behalf of all our users, and much more. Plus, it’s fun!” explained co-founder & CEO of Treasure Chess, Joseph Schiarizzi. “We start with an amazing marketplace that doesn’t extract, but creates value for chess players, steamers and content creators. From here we raise the bar for NFT projects and anticipate applying this stack in many other places.”

“Treasure Chess’s NFT marketplace is a pioneer in many ways,” says Ioannis Giannaros, co-founder and CEO of Wyre. “By utilizing Wyre’s cryptocurrency infrastructure, plus the secure and accessible Polygon blockchain, we’re able to create a fully customized solution that fosters a non-exclusionary environment for content creators to join the NFT economy.” 

Powered by Wyre, the Treasure Chess marketplace reaches the furthest extent of cutting edge NFT technology and innovative user experience. The platform is servicing the greater community looking to interact with Web 3.0 while still tailoring to the deeper cryptocurrency community. Together, the companies have created a dynamic and compliant environment that is diversifying the blockchain-based gaming industry while driving accessibility and creating a unique and secure platform for content creators and millions of chess players on Polygon’s blockchain.

Wyre’s custom solution allows for the minting of NFTs on the Polygon’s blockchain, saving players favorite games as Treasure NFTs and creating a way for streamers and content creators to earn on their most popular matches.

Wyre is the leading fiat-to-crypto and payment infrastructure company for the crypto ecosystem. Focusing on developers, the company provides easy-to-integrate APIs which enable thousands of developers to bring crypto to the masses. The company has “on-ramped” over 15 million end users to their partners and has processed over $10B in payments since inception. “Checkout”, Wyre’s flagship product, is the world’s fastest fiat-to-crypto gateway and has helped hundreds of crypto applications better reach their customers. Wyre has been involved in the crypto space since 2013, supporting customers in over 100 countries worldwide, and empowering them with blockchain technology, ensuring the move to Web 3.0 is as smooth as possible. For more information, please visit

Treasure Chess was built by a new web3 startup, Nifty Chess, created by Patrick Gallagher and Joseph Schiarizzi, who are both long-time crypto developers focusing hard on ethical, sustainable, accessible UX. They have built the best NFT experience and most innovative crypto onboarding stack ever created: Direct fiat onramps, no need to buy crypto to participate but ways to earn instead, secure logins with your existing online accounts, crypto transaction fees paid on behalf of all our users, and much more. Their complete stack comes together to make the world’s first truly “crypto-lite” apps.

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