Very Nifty NFT Ecosystem NFT20/$Muse Changes

We’ve recently finished our transition period of moving $MUSE from being the main component of the VeryNifty game to now being the governance token for the NFT20 NFT dex.

This can be confusing for new players so here’s are frequent questions that you might be interested in:

What is
VeryNifty is a development shop creating different products around NFTs, all our products will be community owned and with no presales.

Right now we have 2 products: — Our popular Tamagotchi NFT game — NFT DEX

What is the VeryNifty Game?
VNFTs are a Tamagotchi like NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. When the game started you could feed your VNFT gems which cost $MUSE. The “pets” would mine muse every 24 hours.

Different gems give pets different TOD (time of death), if you don’t “feed” your pet before the TOD timer runs out and another player can then kill your pet for 60% of its points. By doing this the pet is sent to a burn address and you lose your VNFT.

What has changed recently?
The players of the game voted to have $MUSE not be minable through the game after $MUSE supply reached 400k.

That has already happened and muse is no longer being minted with VNFTs, but pets still will need muse for gems to keep them alive and updates to the game will be announced in the coming weeks.

$MUSE is now officially the governance token for the new dex which is live and working.

You can read more about the community proposal here:

What will become of the game?
The game will continue to be played with the major difference of $MUSE not being minted with VNFTs. The community and devs decided to make a gem that cost 1 $MUSE and will keep your pet alive for 30 days, as the devs work on the dex and allows time for discussions to be had about where to take the game in the future.

What is
NFT20 is a decentralized exchange where you can tokenize your NFTs and trade them for other NFTs in the same pool, or take your new ERC20 coin that represents that NFT and sell it on Uniswap. Every time an NFT is deposited 100 tokens are minted, as of now 5% of those tokens goes to the NFT20 protocol and distributed to $MUSE token holders.

How is $MUSE earned now?
$MUSE is now earned by providing liquidity for supported NFT projects on or for MUSE/ETH. Currently the dex supports Doki, Node Runners, and Chonker Finance.

Every day 500 $MUSE is split between the LP pools with a small boost on the MUSE/ETH pool.

For more information visit and read the FAQ or join the community on discord.

Was there any presale?
There was no presale, all $MUSE in circulation was minted through the VeryNifty game to early lucky players.

Is the team Anon?
No, the core team consist of @surfcoderepeat and @jdourlens.

Where can I learn about $MUSE distribution


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