This sounds strange but its true you can mine ChainGuardians Coin (CGC) using NFTs! That’s right, mining crypto currency using non-fungible tokens! A much greener way to mine crypto compared to the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum for sure!

Introducing the first ever NFT Mining through Proof-of-Stake (POS); where you can put your NFT to work to yield income. At ChainGuardians, we are the first project to introduce NFT Mining, where popular and rare NFTs can be deployed to mine ChainGuardian Coin (CGC): the official in game currency for ChainGuardians.

ChainGuardians Whitepaper


So how do you mine with NFTs exactly? Well there are two ways you can mine in ChainGuardians.

The first involves selected NFTs from outside of ChainGuardians (eg. Crypto Punks, Crypto Kitties & Etheremon).

The second is by purchasing one of ChainGuardians limited edition Captain Devex Attazer NFTs. These special NFTs come with a hashing power 13.5TH!

Initial NFT Considerations (subject to change without notice):

– Selected Crypto Punks: 180 GH (Initial Catch Numbers)
– Selected 
Crypto Kitties: 450 GH (Certain Fancy Cats)
– Selected 
Etheremon: 4.75 TH (Badges #1~3)
Captain Devix Attazar: 13.5 TH

ChainGuardians Whitepaper

There will be a mining rewards of 25 CGC every 20 minutes for a period of 933 days.

CGC Supply

Supply: Total of 8% of 21M = 1.68M are mineable 933.33 days until no more are mineable

(933.33 Days x 24hour x 3 Div x 25 CG Rewards = 1.68M)

ChainGuardians – Whitepaper

CGC Block Rewards

NFT miners get block rewards based on the following calculation.

Chance of reward = Player’s NFT total hash-rate / Total Hash-rate of all players.

ChainGuardians – Medium Post

Example: You own 10% of all hashing power then you would have a 10% chance of getting a block reward every 20mins!

Pretty cool right!

Get your Captain Devex Attazer today on OpenSea:

Mining Pool inside Cryptovoxels

ChainGuardians Mining Pool


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