Cereal Club Redefining “Unboxing” To Be Finding Top NFT Collection

Cereal Club Redefining “Unboxing” To Be Finding Top NFT Collection In Cereal Boxes

As a child there was no better feeling than waking up, jumping out of bed, and heading straight to the kitchen to grab an unopened box of my favorite sugary cereal and discover a collectable pencil topper or glow-in-the-dark Skelesaurus. While not completely gone, it is rare, however, to find hidden treasures buried in cereal boxes these days, but Cereal Club is recreating the joyous experience with a futuristic twist. And the concept is hyping up the NFT community quicker than I can devour a bowl of Fruity Pebbles.

Committed to unlocking their full potential and expanding the brand beyond its charming bowl-headed characters, Cereal Club is tapping into a mass audience by releasing its very own physical cereal line, aiming to be distributed to retailers across the globe. With a single box of their cereal, both NFT holders as well as the general community, will have a unique opportunity to scan a QR code and step inside an enchanting, augmented reality portal to engage in the ultimate cereal treasure hunt. From unearthing various NFTs of other projects, merchandise, and a plethora of prizes, the possibilities are going to be endless and your hands won’t be covered in rainbow dust.

While art and community serve as the foundation of Cereal Club collection and its unremitting success, the group also strives to educate and empower individuals across web3, whether newbies or veterans in the space. Demonstrating exactly what holders can do with intellectual property rights and the artwork they own, permitted consumers may obtain the privilege of having their NFTs featured on the cereal boxes by finding a golden ticket. You can also get access to NFT on their Discord.

“We really wanted to create an experience that not only brings back those childhood memories, but one that also builds a community of people who can be part of a big bowl together,” says Sako Waves, co-founder of Cereal Club. “Having a physical component really adds to that. Cereal is for everybody and we want to connect with everyone around the world. Imagine someone who is not into Cereal Club NFTs, picking up a box of our cereal, scanning the QR code to learn more, and realizing they can win something. When people buy our cereal, they aren’t going to just find a prize in the box. They are going to enter a new space, a new experience.”

In addition, Cereal Club has on boarded their latest member of the team, Nutritional Biochemist Anthony Almada, to create the recipes and flavors of the brand’s cereals. “We are going to be tasting the recipes with the holders and picking the names and flavors together,” says Andy Treys, co-founder of the project. “We’re building this with our community of NFT marketplace.” Although the cereal line is still in development, Cereal Club is in collaboration with folks from Snapchat as well as other innovators in the space to bring the digital universe to fruition and has been teasing the community with playful 3D animation video drops & NFT games via their Twitter page. You can follow it here.

If you have yet to uncover Cereal Club, the project launched in February of 2022 and showcases a vibrant collection of ultra-adorable characters with their own flavors and rarities. Since its inception, the project sold out 10,000 NFTs within an hour of propelling itself into the thriving ecosystem and is rapidly gaining media attention and frenzied followers across social platforms. From its partnership with star defensive tackle of the Los Angeles Rams and first Cereal athlete Aaron Donald, to large-scale event activations, and the recent acquisition of Cereal.com, Cereal Club is here to stay and they have plans on becoming the new “Good Morning” for the next generation.

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