BoomSpace Crypto (BoomSpace NFT) Opening a New Era

BoomSpace Crypto (BoomSpace NFT) Opening a New Era of Blockchain Gaming

BoomSpace-Blockchain-based games will grow very rapidly in 2022, and BoomSpace Crypto ( will also usher in a new era of blockchain games in 2022.



BoomSpace is a decentralized game based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and the game will adopt two modes of P2E (Play-to-Earn) and P2EN (Play-to-Earn NFT).

The arena game of BoomSpace adopts the P2E mode. Using BoomSpace NFT GEOM (pet) to participate in the arena can get SPACE crypto token rewards. The higher the level of NFT GEOM, the more SPACE token can be obtained. The adventure of BoomSpace adopts the P2EN mode. The higher the adventure level, the better the quality of the dropped equipment and the higher the attribute enhancement. The equipment itself is also a kind of BoomSpace NFT, which can be traded in the trading market.

BoomSpace has some ingenious virtuous economic circles. All the tokens collected from the player’s spending action of upgrading, buying dungeon ticket and other activities etc will be returned to players as the rewards from Arena and Adventure.

Future plans for BoomSpace Crypto tokens include on board DEX and create its own public chains (SGC). DEX will perfectly combine liquidity and pledge mining with games, while the SPACE GAME CHAIN (SGC) public chain will assist game developers without blockchain experience to easily develop blockchain games and support their blockchain economy.

BoomSpace will be revolutionary in terms of fairness, the stability of the economic system, and the circulation of the entire ecosystem. BoomSpace will give players all the possibility and freedom to create their own in-game content, modify and participate in the game in their own styles.

On the 21st of this month, the SPACE token of BoomSpace will be launched on DigiFinex. DigiFinex Exchange (DigiFinex.COM) is one of the world’s leading digital asset exchanges. It provides mainstream digital asset trading services and has launched more than 200 projects.

Till present, DigiFinex is also actively deploying the Gamefi track, expanding related ecological businesses, and intends to support and invest in Gamefi as the main business of the exchange.

Recently, the concept of GameFi has emerged, changing the profit model, enabling players and virtual currency value investors to share the dividends of game development.

DigiFinex is also actively laying out a trading area that is compatible with mainstream Gamefi games. Any individual or organization can use the data of digital assets, and can explore business models based on game digital assets, such as game equipment leasing and trading. Wait. Through the equivalent exchange of the DigiFinex platform, users can easily achieve the goal of “earning while playing” on the Gamefi chain and feel the charm of GameFi.

DigiFinex is a reliable partner of BoomSpace. After applying for a virtual wallet and recharging, game players can directly exchange the game’s native cryptocurrency SPACE token at DigiFinex to purchase NFTs in the game. If players or value investors are interested in BoomSpace at this stage, DigiFinex will be your most reliable preferred trading platform.

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