Blackdove Opens Miami’s First NFT Art Gallery

Blackdove Opens Miami’s First NFT Art Gallery, And Offers A Means Of Physical Display

If you’ve been hesitant to get into the NFT art market because you don’t want to spend a fortune on a piece of art that only exists in your crypto wallet, Blackdove is happy to change your mind.

The Miami-based company designed a digital frame ready to display any of your digital art pieces, giving you the freedom to swap one piece for another with ease and turning your home or office into a digital art gallery. Blackdove will even lead by example, launching Miami’s first NFT art gallery in the Design District Thursday, June 3.

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“The most interesting people in the world live in Miami, and art is an integral part of our culture,” Blackdove Founder Marc Billings is quoted in a press release. “Especially within the Miami Design District, a neighborhood that defines style and architectural excellence, whose guests actively seek new concepts such as Blackdove—there can be no better backdrop for the Blackdove NFT gallery launch. We welcome the energy and discussions that will ensue around this incredible new medium.”

The Blackdove NFT gallery is set to feature more than 100 moving artworks, representing more than 50 international artists. It’ll get its start as a pop-up, with plans to move to a permanent location soon after. The art on display will change each week, showcasing a wide breadth of artists and trends in real time.

Because the art is digital, Blackdove will also offer buyers the chance to buy the pieces on display right there in the store via cryptocurrency, so collectors don’t ever have to leave empty handed.

Digital Canvas by Blackdove from Blackdove on Vimeo.

“Digital Art is the principal medium of this generation’s top artists and defines the intersection of experience and technology,” Billings is quoted. “We have barely touched the surface of the possibilities and impact on society of this shift.”

Miami is quickly becoming a central hub for all things crypto-tech. Mayor Francis Suarez even called Magic City “the crypto capital of the world,” likening himself to “crypto mayor of the world.” Arte Surfside recently became the city’s first residential development to accept cryptocurrencies. Now, you can buy your luxury home with digital cash and decorate it with digital art.

Check out some of Blackdove’s work in the videos below, and visit Blackdove online to learn more.

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