Best NFT projects to invest in April 2022

According to the research and analysis performed, the NFT trading volume in March was relatively much lower than in the record-breaking time period of January and February alike. There are various new projects that struggled to sell out whereas the ongoing projects saw their prices drop. Moreover, on the other hand, there was no shortage of exciting new launches though.

With the market sentiment and trading volume tricking up the steam over the past months, and with a packed launch releases in lined in future, we believe that it might bring some interesting news ahead. Some such projects that are new yet promising are covered in this article which shows positive influence crypto project to invest in April.

As always mentioned in our article that none of the content is financial advice, make sure to only buy NFTs that you like with money if you can afford to lose. Most importantly, compare projects beforehand, try to get some fun, and learning out of it! Let’s get started!

Here are some interesting NFT projects that will fuel your passion for blockchain games.

Propert’s Virtual Realty

This project is the considered innovative real estate collecting game specifically in the NFT and metaverse space. Here every NFT is a collectible card displaying a piece of real-estate influenced by diverse cultures and economics.

Property’s has been feverishly inheriting partnerships with wide brands and NFT communities beforehand of their launch. One popular partner is the Crypto Baristas where the Property’s game is set to feature Crypto Barista-themed coffee shops/carts throughout the land.

So, this project is indeed special to keep a close eye on as their game is now a part of the Sandbox user-generated space which is just starting to take shape.


Treeverse is basically a fantasy, an open-world, and sci-fi based MMORPG altogether with an action-packed MOBA-style combat system. The user can find slay beasts, entice the biggest fish, forge mighty weapons, form guilds, defeat dungeons and much more to explore the deep lore.
Also, the living world of Treeverse anticipates those daring enough to conquer it. This project has been continuously in the top 100 of NFT purchases on OpenSea since then it has gained momentum on social media as well.

While Treeverse is working on website development, they are already thorough into development with EndlessCloudsHQ. So, this is the next project to watch out for.

Gameinfinity Metaverse

This project is developed on Binance Smart Chain network providing all essential features from NFT, Defi protocols and Web3 metaverse applications alike. Gameinfinity believes in bringing together the mechanics of the ecosystem most popular games that will offer an experience never seen before on and off the metaverse.

This is yet another extremely popular blockchain game which has shown even more transactions, community growth, trading volume, and active users in the past couple of months. This might be your perfect opportunity to join and comfortably earn tons of money while you play your favourite games in the form of GAMEIN Tokens.

This web3 metaverse has a built-in supply and demand system that rewards players who are early to play the game and drive scarcity. Since the game on this platform provides multiple realms, they offer gamers an array of competitions/tournaments to earn assets/tokens.

Gameinfinity team intends to bring this project into the metaverse portraying more real-life experiences, art games installations, and rare/limited edition assets. Their ultimate goal is to work on future AR AI integration to help bring joy to its community and holder alike.

Final Words

April is remotely shaping up to be yet another incredible month for new NFT hike and embracement. The Gameinfinity metaverse project promises to provide some tangible utility for NFT nerd’s popular and handy games showcasing a great addition of panel. You can freely play your favourites while earning passive income with what you like. Collecting avatars, breeding pets, artists’ collectibles, in game asset trading, etc is now possible with few clicks.

Though, I’m a big fan of NFT projects and looking at the existing brands which are created by experienced artists we should move with the flow after entire analysis and financial advice. Gameinfinity is definitely one of those which provide a unique GAMEIN Bounty program and take on the Web3 metaverse and minting process which offer buyers control over the in-game assets.

Axie Infinity, these all projects lack some things that we would personally advice you to research deeply on before buying into a project. Think utility, a roadmap, whitepaper protocols, a larger project vision, and/or identified and experienced teams. If these factors make up for it with their artwork, then just go for it. Soon, we promise to disclose more information and other factors in our upcoming articles, so stay in touch!

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