Benzinga Exclusive: Naked Ambition in NFTs | An Erotic NFT Marketplace

An interview with the CEO and creators of NaftyArt, the first adult and erotic NFT marketplace.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have put the hype back into crypto promotion that has been lacking since the decline of ICOs.

However, NFTs have brought something more than excitement to the crypto community — they have monetized a steady stream of new content with enough variety to suit the tastes of all kinds of buyers. After all, there are just 5,728 ICOs listed on ICO Bench — a tiny number of choices for the investor compared to NFT projects which are sprouting up from all corners in and out of the cryptosphere.

Artists like Ja Rule, Snoop Dog, Lindsay Lohan, Grime, William Shatner, Paris Hilton, Eminem, Mark Cuban, and Edward Snowden have joined the fray and launched NFTs in 2021. Generative projects like Bored Apes have captured buyers’ imaginations with minutely personalized characters.

In fact, one particularly blase’ Ape recently sold at Sotheby’s for $26 million, raising the promise that someday we may be able to stop mentioning Beeple’s famous sale in every NFT-related article.

But are NFTs really ready to serve the tastes of every buyer? Even the thirstiest of NFT collectors? Up until recently, the answer has been “no”. You can buy a hand-drawn Patient Panda doodle from Gary Vaynerchuck, but if you were looking for adult content NFTs you would be out of luck.

NaftyArt NFT marketplace is looking to change that and carve out a place for adult content in the NFT world with the launch of their platform this week.

When asked what Nafty would bring to the NFT space, NaftyArt CEO Rob Kemenyfi was direct in his response:

“…Adult content, nudity, erotic content. For some reason, platforms are very taboo about that type of subject matter,” Kemenyfi said.

We interviewed Kemenyfi and three new adult-content NFT creators, Jull Dolly, Mila Azul, and Lily Hendrickson (Amber Chase) concerning the NaftyArt platform as they celebrated the launch.

Rob Kemenyfi, CEO NaftyArt NFT Marketplace

What is Nafty adding to the NFT space? How are you carving out your specific utility/identity?

“There is an issue with platforms that are catering to the general public with accepting adult content, be it a hard ban where such type of content is explicitly prohibited and deleted, or adult artists have their artwork shadow-banned, where in essence, the content posted is not viewable by the users or prospective buyers. We want to change that and we call upon all adult content creators to come to NaftyArt and be welcome into our inclusive network of ecosystems, where we do not judge the content posted,” Kemenyfi said.

How are you building relationships with buyers?

“We have a two-pronged approach… The content creators themselves bring their own followers and collectors and there is a transfer of trust from the creators onto the platform in the eyes of the buyers. On the other hand, we are trying to be as transparent as possible with our buyers. For this purpose, we have a dedicated channel on each social media and communication platform in order for our team, both core team and support team, to be in touch directly with every member of our burgeoning community,” Kemenyfi said.

Is there a precedent for an erotic NFT Marketplace?

“There have been some shy attempts by other platforms, however, we are still in the early stages. No one has actually launched a fully functioning platform, accompanied by a proprietary token, a payment system, and a slew of platforms that cater to the needs of adult creators,” Kemenyfi said.

Were changes in OnlyFans one of the driving forces to launch? Is it a setback that OnlyFans did not eliminate adult content?

“No, the OnlyFans debacle was not a factor in launching NaftyArt as we have been building the platform from before the news broke out. The impact though has been very interesting for us, as there has been an influx of content creators that are looking to host their business in other places. We have been very happy with the feedback that the creators have been giving us and we need to thank them as they have helped us shape the products that we have and the timeline for their deployment. However, NaftyArt was always the first big piece of the puzzle,” Kemenyfi said.

How many creators are on the marketplace now?

“We currently have almost 100 creators on the platform, with more being onboarded daily. We currently have a strict verification process to ensure that the buyers have access to trustworthy creators and top-of-the-line content,” Kemenyfi said.

What kinds of unique drops will we see on your platform?

“We don’t want to give away too many of our surprises, but we have big names already signed up and many more are on the way. We have huge names like Tera Patrick, Eva Elfie, Mila Azul, and Amber Chase who will be posting their work, but also some behind-the-scenes footage and even some work that has never been seen before. This is what we are pushing at the moment for, unique content that can reward both creators and buyers,” Kemenyfi said.

How does this afford your creators more control — and less exploitation — than they have found on OnlyFans and other adult-content platforms?

“Quite simply, we are free from the regulations from credit card companies and banking institutions. While we of course follow all legal requirements, these entities impose an extra set of requirements that often suffocate creators from the adult world… The OnlyFans incident from earlier this month showed a level of instability that follows traditional flow of funds, assets and capital… There is more stability when it comes to the long-term guarantees of a collaboration with a currency that is not bound by banking institutions,” Kemenyfi said.

Is adult content gaining more mainstream acceptance? How are NFTs helping that?

“I think that adult content is creeping more and more into mainstream acceptance due to the natural progression of the cultural acceptance of erotic art. What we can do is provide an outlet for every type of creator to display their art. Keeping adult content locked up in a tiny corner of the internet is not a healthy way of dealing with the actual need of consuming this type of material,” Kemenyfi said.

The POV of Adult Content Creators Jull Dolly

Is this your first experience with NFTs?

“This is my first time doing NFT’s, before I came on board with Nafty I thought NFT’s were just for artists like Banksy and Beeple. I didn’t think that the kind of content that I create could be an NFT,” Dolly said.

What drew you to producing NFTs?

“For me, it is a new revenue stream and a perfect way to connect with my fans on a deeper level. I’m a realist, I’m not expecting my NFTs to be hitting millions of dollars but I guess you never know. What it does give me is an alternate revenue stream to the fan sites and at much better fees, especially if a buyer uses Nafty Tokens,” Dolly said.

Do you have any interest in crypto?

“I am definitely what you would call a beginner…but learning fast now I have some tokens coming in. Buy the dip… HODL …to the moon, see I’m getting there,” Dolly said.

What’s your impression of the crypto audience?

“Wow! They are dedicated! I wish my fans were as dedicated to me as they are to their crypto! Their passion and energy is amazing and I hope that transfers to NaftyArt,” Dolly said.

Anything you’d like to add?

“Censorship now on social media platforms is insane, you feel like you could lose your account for the smallest thing and bam there goes your income. Fees on fan sites are way too big and that onlyhmmmm site and their “suspended” decision to ban explicit content is beyond a joke. Years of performers making them a billion-dollar company and then they turn around with a big FU. I feel at last with Nafty that they actually do care about us creators and actually listen to the things we want,” Dolly said.

Mila Azul

Are NFTs new to you?

“Yes, I had never seen something like this before like a month ago. I found it fascinating that you can make unique art by yourself. I don’t expect anything right now. I just want to try something new and try to live in the future,” Azul said.

Do you have any interest in crypto?

“I for sure bought some Nafty tokens because I believe in the company, but that’s all for now. Maybe I will be more active in the future if I find the time for it. The audience is amazing. I like that so many people are in one place that are interested in one thing and believe that this will be the future,” Azul said.

Lily Hendrickson (Amber Chase)

Is this your first experience with NFTs?

“NaftyArt is not my first experience with NFTs but I am glad to be part of the initial artists. I’ve been interested in the implications NFT and blockchain have for artists in general since 2017. I had been trying to convince a variety of erotic-related platforms to venture into the cryptocurrency ecosystem and spoke candidly about NFT potential for creators with some without much success.

I minted parts of this collection on OpenSea initially, however, I was hesitant to be more outspoken about the depth each piece contained in marketing my mosaics there.

Once I heard about the NaftyArt ecosystem, I felt confident to use my talent to help drive a marketplace that has the unique needs of erotic creators in mind. It was always my intention to use my erotic art to help create a safe point of access and I feel that NaftyArt has the potential to become a marketplace that benefits the creators and the collectors in harmony with self-expression. I imagine a time when an artist’s whole collection could be blockchain authenticated and become a prosperity-generating aspect for collectors and creators alike,” Hendrickson said.

When did you learn about NFTs?

“I have been interested in cryptocurrencies since 2010 when I turned down 250 bitcoin, because at that point… it wasn’t until CryptoPunks began to become a secret club that my interest grew. In fact, my involvement in an art performance project with @Cryptonovo311 to personify Cryptopunks #3940 I was able to meet many artists and innovators as @SpottedBikini using AR filters to bring the character to life,” Hendrickson said.

What drew you to minting NFTs?

“As an art historian and anthropologist, (I understand) providence is huge and gives value beyond the authenticity of an item, but also documents the journey of the artwork which can add value in unexpected ways. I am very into CryptoPunks and Meebits and have been in touch with the folks at LarvaLabs about derivative projects I’m creating with @Animephysique @firefitbits and my Punks R Magic portrait collection… The utility and beauty of NFTs are limitless. I love the concept of NFT erotica because it creates a safer internet from the perspective of access and investment. The royalties associated with NFTs are the long-awaited art revolution that benefits the market,” Hendrickson said.

What kind of additional compensation/control do you expect to gain from this?

“The art revolution of creator royalties is, obviously, wonderful for artists and creators, a space where the gamification of visual experience earns the participants currency as well as the artist on each transaction. However, I think it goes much further than that surface-level experience. I can also envision a world where NaftyArt holds Virtual Reality galleries, AR Galleries, and opens space in the metaverse to explore these wonderful pieces in new and extraordinary ways.

My mosaics for example feature anywhere between 72 to 10,120 unique individual images, ranging in size from 12×18 inches at 3600×5400 to almost 4×6 feet-tall mosaics at 13200×19800 where the viewer can explore deeper into all the viewable images that create the mosaic. Currently, the purchaser can do this on their own devices and because of the quality of my pieces they can even project them onto a wall, but if these pieces could be explored in the metaverse it would be an even deeper experience,” Hendrickson said.


The pandemic has driven a wide range of cultural changes, including a greater number of people joining the ranks of content creators for the adult industry. OnlyFans recently threatened to eliminate adult content on its platform — where many new adult content creators started — and even though they reversed their position (presumably based on general disapproval by the public) the move helped illustrate a need for creators in the adult industry.

Whatever your opinions on adult content, it’s fair to say that as creators they should be fairly compensated for their work and since mainstream platforms are unwelcoming, content theft is a particularly difficult problem for creators in the space, making those artists a perfect match for NFTs.

Whether an erotic NFT project will be the next CryptoKitties remains to be seen, but NaftyArt is off to a strong start. The site has been live since August, though not fully launched until this week, and they have already had their first major sale — an artist from the Middle East known only as “Interdit”, a French word for forbidden, sold his entire 69-card Kama Sutra collection to a private buyer who purchased the entire series for just under $1 million.

For now, the NFT space does seem to reward novelty so perhaps serious NFT buyers will take a look at the more adult side of content in their ever-growing collections.

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