Become An “Early Investor” In A Game

Become An “Early Investor” In A Game That’s Been Worked On For Years (Also, NFTs)

Want a sure-fire investment that’s guaranteed to go up in value? If so, take a gander at Kingfall, which is a self-described “Casual fantasy MMORPG” with “Global distribution to over 10 million players.” The game’s Twitter account shows a lot of interesting gameplay elements and charming visuals. What’s not to like?

Ah, NFTs. That’s what.

Lead dev Matthew, a.k.a. TrueValhalla, clarified that the NFTs “will feature ~1000 randomly generated playable Heroes, each assigned unique attributes, rarities, and visuals.” And hey, invest early to receive a share of revenue for life! It’s not a game, it’s an investment!

“Early” is a bit of a misnomer in this case, though. The Kingfall Twitter account’s first tweet was on December 8, 2016, the same date it first appeared on Facebook. The Twitter account has 1,177 followers as of this writing, and the Facebook page has 123, so we’d love to know where that “distribution to over 10 million players” figure comes from, as well.

In short, this is a project that’s been going around for about 4.5 years and whose creators have decided to try and juice it up by hopping on the NFT bandwagon to try and get noticed. Well, that part of it was successful, but if you think a free-to-play browser/mobile game that’s been in development for that long without any fanfare is a wise investment, then I’d like to talk to you about several amazing business opportunities …

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