Batch Swap Is On The Way!

A few days after the exciting launch of our official Trade Squads utility based NFT collectibles sale,, our NFT Trader team would like to notify our followers that we are going ahead and continue the development for the most requested functionality feature which we call the Batch Swap! As will be explained below, the owners of Trade Squads NFTs will receive important utility advantages when using this platform.

The community of users emphasized the paramount need to be able to swap many NFTs simultaneously and interoperably. NFT Trader (, in fact, does allow the user to swap securely but only 1:1. Unfortunately, it is really hard to find two NFTs with similar and relative commercial value; for example, one Cryptopunks NFT could be worth tens of hundreds of Trade Squads NFTs or Very Nifty NFTs. That’s why the NFT Trader team has decided to implement the Batch Swap! This new functionality will be published in v1.0 of the NFT Trader platform and will offer the users the possibility to swap multiple NFTs simultaneously, interoperably, and also to trade NFTs with Ethereum, other ERC20 tokens plus stablecoins.

In particular, the team plans to give the users the ability to execute the following types of trades:

  • Many to Many NFTs Swap
  • Many NFTs traded against Ethereum or ERC20 tokens
  • Many NFTs traded against other NFTs and Ethereum or ERC20 tokens

The NFT Trader v1.0 platform is based on the same principles as our beta:

  • Security: the trades will be managed by a smart contract acting as a trusted-third-party that secures the swaps by preventing scam attempts
  • Simplicity: the swaps will be executed in a few simple steps
  • Interoperability: NFT Trader v1.0 will support all the standard ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFTs, giving the possibility for users to trade NFTs from different decentralized applications
  • Transparency: the smart contract code will be open-source and will be audited. The smart contract, at any time, will provide the users the information on current trades, including the list of NFTs traded Economicals: The owner of a Trade Squads NFT (Atomic Collection) will have the UNLIMITED opportunity of using this new important Batch Swap feature for FREE!

The NFT Trader team has decided to apply the utility of having zero trading fees applied in all the Atomic Collection of Trade Squads NFTs in appreciation for all the people who support our project by buying and owning one or more of these NFTs. In order to get zero trading fees in the future using the NFT Trader v1.0 platform, it will be required to own a Trade Squads NFT inside the wallet which is executing any trades.

If you look at the bigger picture, this means that people selling or swapping one of the 9999 Trade Squads collection NFTs are actually selling a lifetime license to use the NFT Trader platform free forever (excluding the standard gas fees for ethereum transactions and the royalties for the pieces of art traded that will be paid by the users). This gives your NFT Trader Squads NFT added value which is independent from the value created by the rarity of the minted NFT.

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity and also support our journey, we invite you to mint one or more Trade Squads NFTs. This will help, not only by our team getting the batch swap functionality quicker to release for you to use but will also support the future development of more NFT Trader features and gamification systems. Ultimately you will have the opportunity to own a valuable and rare NFT Trade Squads digital collectible!



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