Autodrom Jastrząb creates its own NFT and an exclusive club

Autodrom Jastrząb creates its own NFT and an exclusive club for automotive and esport fans

Autodrom Jastrząb, the most modern Driving Technique Improvement Center in Poland, has created its own NFT token presenting a limited collector’s edition of the track logotype. In addition to the collector’s value, the tokens are a pass to the exclusive #TeamJastrzab club. Membership in the club is associated with many benefits, such as participation in closed events, free access to selected products, very attractive discounts on Autodrom services or, in the case of the current first series of Founding Members tokens, your own place on the stands with your name and surname. Club membership will be indefinite for token holders.

NFT – what is it?

With the beginning of 2021, the boom for the little brother of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, i.e. Non-Fungible-Token, or NFT for short, began. This technology has taken over the digital art market at a dizzying pace, revolutionizing the way you own virtual works of art. Interestingly, the potential of NFT is much greater and is not limited to the art market. NFT tokens allow you to have digital versions of works of art, in-game items, or even things as intangible as individual Jordan plays or the chess set-up of world champion Magnus Carlsen.

Today also Autodrom Jastrząb is launching its own NFT. In the first series called Founding Members, 50 tokens are available. Simultaneously with the NFT issue, the #TeamJastrzab club is being created – an exclusive community to which only NFT token holders will have indefinite access.

– As Autodrom Jastrząb, we always try to look for innovative solutions that will take our business into a new dimension. Last year, the Esport zone was created, we bought simulators, scanned the track and moved it to the virtual world in Assetto Corsa. Now it’s time for the next step, which is an exclusive club based on NFT technology. To my knowledge, this is the first such project, not only in Poland but also in Europe – said Aleksandra Michalczewska, President of the Management Board of ITS Michalczewski and owner of Autodrom Jastrząb.

The number of tokens issued by Autodrom Jastrząb is limited by definition. In the event that all tokens are sold out, joining the club will only be possible by purchasing the token, and thus club membership, from someone on the free cryptocurrency market.

# TeamJastrząb – exclusive club, measurable benefits

Membership in the # TeamJastrząb club brings many benefits, such as the opportunity to participate once a year in a special free Track Day open only to club members; access to tickets, limited series of clothing and special offers of partners in pre-sale; permanent 30% discount on all admission tickets and services of Toru Jastrząb; regular and very attractive discounts for friends; the opportunity to participate in exclusive closed meetings meet and greet with Polish and foreign drivers several times a year; participation in other closed events organized especially for club members.

Founding Members – the first series of NFT Autodrom Jastrząb

– Founding Members is the first series of tokens and therefore must be unique. We want to honor the club members who will join us first, so we decided that NFT Founding Members will provide additional unique benefits that we will not repeat in the next series – adds Aleksandra Michalczewska.

Especially for the holders of tokens from the current first series of Founding Members, marked with a limited collector’s version of the track logo, there is a package of additional benefits that will not be available to the owners of any of the next series of tokens. These are the following benefits:

  • Name and surname of the token holder recorded on a special board with the Founding Members # TeamJastrząb NFT list
  • Own place in the stands, signed with the name and surname or nickname of the token holder
  • Free access to all esports products (current and new mods for Assetto Corsa and other simulators planned for the future)
  • Guarantee of ticket availability (spectator ticket) for events organized by the track (even if the available pool is sold out)
  • Each year, two gift vouchers for family or friends worth PLN 150 to be used for any products or services at the Autodrom Jastrząb store

– The # TeamJastrząb club is a community of automotive and esport fans, focused around the Autodrom Jastrząb brand. We assume that with the development of the community and the Autodrom Jastrząb offer, the value of the benefits of being a member of the # TeamJastrząb club will continue to grow – says Krzysztof Bulski, Marketing Director of Autodrom Jastrząb.

NFT Autodrom Jastrząb can be purchased at, where there is also a detailed instruction for purchasing tokens, which will allow people unfamiliar with NFT to go through the whole process quickly and without problems.

– The official track store has been properly adapted to work with the technology behind NFT, thanks to which the use of benefits is extremely simple and does not require specialist knowledge about the world of cryptocurrencies. We implemented the entire project based on the MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet and the Rarible platform, which is one of the leading marketplaces for creating and selling NFT – adds Krzysztof Bulski.

MetaMask and Rarible are easy-to-use and user-friendly tools, they allow not only an extremely simple purchase process, but also facilitate the management of NFTs owned. Especially for club members, the official discord channel, Toru Jastrząb, is also starting, which will be the track’s main information hub in matters related to the NFT and the world of esports. It will be a place where fans of the track will be able to discuss events related to the track, but also put forward their suggestions and ideas.

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