VHS NFT Counterparts of Art Ownership


Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are a unique type of cryptographic token used to produce digital ownership that ultimately protects the legitimacy of digital art and allows for assets to be bought and shared across diverse platforms.

British artist VHS celebrates his successful solo contemporary art exhibition, HELP me, by announcing the release of digital NFT counterparts of the collection.

Being only the second urban art show displayed in the museum, the HELP ME collection did not disappoint. Opening day welcomed some of Thailand’s most notable celebrities, including Daboyway, the first Asian rapper to be signed to Def Jam records. The exhibition included a full size skate ramp inside the museum, with Asia’s top skate team Preduce flawlessly tying aspects of his exhibit into a real-life experience.  

VHS invites people to experience the outlook of his existence as he portrays his world by applying various multimedia forms of paintings, augmented reality, skateboards, and sculpture. At its core, the collection brings forth a playful nature whilst eliciting emotions of being astray in the commotion that modern life has inevitably become. The HELP ME exhibition depicts versions of the past, present, and future by taking the observer on a nostalgic journey through time to help remember and restore memories of one’s younger self –before the chaos of the digital world gained control of the perceptions of one’s self and others. The collection of art is also meant to generate hope of a better future, that at times may seem uncertain. 

“The idea of releasing this collection in NFT form was a natural fit for me as an early crypto adopter. The digital world is expanding rapidly, and I wanted people to be able to purchase the unique and  limited edition pieces on a digital platform where they can preserve the art forever.”

Chris Webber, aka VHS, is a contemporary artist from the UK. From a young age, VHS acquired a passion for skateboarding and surfing and the urban street culture that accompanied the lifestyle. With a lifelong foundation in animation, graphic design, and creative direction, he has experienced outstanding opportunities working with some of the world’s most notable brands in TV and advertising. As a full time artist he now spends his time creating art via digital and physical mediums.


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