Artist feature MXJXN aka Max Jackson aka FASTACTION-Three names, triple threat

Max Jackson aka all the above is one of those multi-talented people that would make you jealous of his skills were he not such a nice affable guy. He produces music, is adept at calligraphy, and now he has started to use Blender with great effect. When he started his journey into calligraphy two years ago he became engrossed in its meditative qualities he went on to say “I soon started making circular abstracts as a meditative way to practice the strokes”. I got the feeling that he seeks a level of perfection in whatever he turns his hand to, and what is more perfect on so many levels than a circle. The mysterious infinite mathematical constant that is Pi keeps mathematicians, physicists and artists intrigued to this day. After challenging himself to do “#100DaysOfBlender”, starting in October 2020 (He was on day 45 by 9th December 2020) he made the decision to mint his favourite and most meaningful pieces as NFTs as Rarible single editions.

He now has two outlets he will be releasing his work through. The first being LENS Artworks, available on OpenSea from next week (keep an eagle eye out!), an ERC-721 collection of large-scale single edition, highly refined pieces. Second is the Lens Collection (also launching next week), a larger series of ERC-1155 limited edition collectables, this time on Raribel, at lower prices. They will have mysterious unlockable properties with effects to be discovered.

He also currently has a very interesting “Galactic Lens Ticket”. To quote the man himself “Purchasing this NFT will entitle you to one customized calligraphic artwork, specific to your requirements, yours to do what you like with. Think logos, avatars, or just a one-of-a-kind artwork with your name or slogan on it! After I make you a custom NFT artwork, you may RESELL this ticket for a commission! Royalties set at 75% so your resale is a effectively a 25% commission on the next person who buys the Custom Galactic Lens Ticket from you! Only valid for resales of 0.5 ETH and higher”.

Max is also spreading his love to the scene by looking to recruit founding members for a community DAO to drive NFT innovation and collaborations. The community will be really focused on unity with a view of improving the world with crypto cooperation. Keep an eye out on his Twitter page as well as his Discord channel. Check out some of his existing and favorite work below.

Heres his latest collaboration:

Custom work for sale using the Galactic Lens resellable ticket:

Latest LENS Ticket owner received this week

This can now resell the ticket at a 25% commission

His latest favorite minting:

I would be doing us all a disservice if we we did not meander off topic a little. While doing my pre interview homework I stumbled across some of the music he has been producing. If like me you are a fan of Warp Recordings and their keynote artiste Aphex Twin do check out his work on Soundcloud. It was such a pleasure connecting with such a talented guy and Im still jealous of the Aphex Twin denim jacket he was kind enough to show us. Keep an eye on his various social media outlets, get involved in his community and last but not least offer your support by buying some of his meditative art.

Written by : Benny Steele


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