Date And Time

Fri, Dec 4, 2020, 8:00 PM –Sun, Dec 6, 2020, 7:30 PM ESTLocation 


Miami, NA, Miami, FL, United States

DATES: 4-6 December 2020

LOCATION: MAC/PC/ VR: See Program Below for event links in Blockchain UniVRse World in AltspaceVR


CURATORS: LUVRworldwide & The Bad Lament

VR Gallery Powered By: Bits and Tokens



Bringing together some of the top crypto artists from around the world, this mixed media event taking place over 3-days in Virtual Reality(VR) highlights the intersection of music and art, capturing the excitement of NFTs (Non Fungible Token) and XR (Extended Reality). With a curated selection of NFT artwork and music, the exhibition will feature still images, video, audio and 3D models from a diverse range of innovative artists.

Join us for an immersive, interactive display and learn more about tokenising art on the blockchain or becoming a collector, bid on the artist’s work or just drop by to meet some like-minded people in the virtual space!

With DJ sets from international acts and Miami artists, it’s a collaborative synergy that’s come to be expected from the Miami art scene, through an online accessible way for the global community to participate. Experience a curated mix of sights and sounds with a global influenced Miami vibe, a show for artists by artists.


Art Basel has been a beacon for the Miami Art Scene since 2002. Since its onset, Miami and the Beaches have embraced the energy of the global art community. Numerous satellite shows, festivals, performances, gallery events and street art have exponentially spawned from this yearly convention in true Miami magical form.

Due to the pandemic, it is the first time that the official Art Basel Convention will not occur. In the spirit of Art Basel, Miami locals are not letting this stop the flow of artist expression this year.

This NFT exhibit in AltspaceVR is a component of a series of events organized by the XR-LABS Miami Community, and we are inviting the world to join us!


Fri. Dec 4 / 8pm-9:30pm EST


A curated selection of music and art to get the party started.

Artists: Bassed, LeftHouse/Mar$ Utah, Ruben Alexander

Music: LAMEBOT, Golden Flora, & MadSavvy

Fri. Dec 4 • 9:30pm-11pm EST


Featuring members of WOCA ‘Women of Crypto Art’ and more:

adayinthesky, Barbara Tosti, DaniellaDoodles, GeminiRising/Vandal, GiselX Florez,

Holliday Horton, JackiVR, Mindbender Art, oculardelusion, Sara Phinn, stelcart, Stellabelle, Stina Jones, TechMental, Yalo

Music: DJ Celeste & Return of Meera DJs

Sat. Dec. 5 • 1pm-2:30pm EST


A rare collection of art from emerging and established crypto artists, including a debut NFT from the Father of Digital Art, Laurence Gartel.

Featuring: A. L. Crego, Aurelien Pumayana Floret, Domenico Barra, Flux Art, KALI MANTRA, Legendary, Metageist, Mike Almond, Natural Warp, Sahaj Garg

Music: Silvio Rodrigues & Vandal of DAO Records

Sat. Dec. 5 • 2:30pm-4pm EST


Art and music by the Black, Indigenous and POC community:

Artists: BrightLight, Lightbrush, Pule Magopa, Unknown Mizery, Shinji Akhirah

Music: KĒVENS ‘Battle for Peace’ video viewing party

Spoken word by Marcus Blake

Audio Farm NFT & DJ Chris/Positive Studio ft. Johnny Dread

Sat. Dec. 5 • 4pm-5:30pm EST

LET THE MUSIC PLAY : The Curators’ Show

Music videos and virtual 3D elements from works by exhibition curators Alissa Christine and Michelle Brown, including a sneak preview of Love Crushed Velvet 3D 360 music video and leaving richmond teaser video.

Music: DJ Le Spam, Liberty Hell, Love Crushed Velvet

Sun. Dec. 6 • Noon-7:30pm EST



•David Rosen Galleries / ­Miami Beach ­ Onsite Event

•EXPO featuring expert panel discussions and educational workshops on the capabilities that exists between XR/VR/Blockchain and Art/Music

@arttechmiami (IG) @artechmiami1 (twitter)

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A. L. Crego

A.L Crego walks comfortably in the midpoint between the stillness of the picture and the continuous but condemned to an end frames of the film.

Featured Art:

Between Bars – That feeling that appears when you understand the meaning of the lyrics of a song that you have heard and sung a thousand times, but you never realized about it.


adayinthesky is a photographer, writer and artist from Vancouver, Canada, and half of Guerrilla Music.

Featured Art:

Dance – This piece is about the feeling of music and movement.

Aurelien Pumayana Floret

French visionary artist exploring unseen dimensions.

Featured Art:

RunDMT – “ you don’t know what you don’t know” -unknown

I created this piece after deep shamanic healing. I discovered that Fear is an illusion and it can be transformed into Power that unleash our true potential

Barbara Tosti

After losing twice all my analogic production I turned digital, found crypto and continued to experiment here.

Featured Art:

Breathing Good Words Around – Resonant Rhythm -The works submitted talk about how sounds and music permeate and resonate inside of our innerworld.

All terrain music producer and amateur meme connoisseur.

Featured Art:

CT Friends – @TheCryptoDog – A beat that slaps + an early btc adopter crypto dog + pop imaginary: my passions in a .mp4


I am a Mixed Media Artist from England who enjoys experimenting with various mediums to create pieces to provoke thought and prompt the observer to look and explore.

Featured Art:

Buju – I have always loved reggae and I wanted to pay homage to an artist that reminds me of my youth.


I am a 21 year old South African cryptoartist, fan artist and bookworm.

Featured Art:

Based on Lady Gaga and her development as a musician. Inspired by playing cards.

Domenico Barra

Glitch is the event. Pixel is the element. Low resolution. High vision. Experimenting. Exploring. Exhibiting. Exposing. Expanding. When you see a glitch, think of me.

Featured Art: Les Danseurs au Glitch – I remember those wild times, the groove flowing under our skin, the lights blinding our eyes, the dance floor opening under our feet. Close to eachother, the night embracing the crowd in a hug. Let’s dance. I want to party all night long!

Flux Art

Flux Art, aka Clyde F. Smith, is new to the cryptoart scene but has a lifetime of involvement in dance, performance and visual arts.

Featured Art:

Staircase Session for Art Tech Music is a 1/1 edition of a video still by Neal Hutcheson, altered by machine learning, of trombonist Jeb Bishop and dancer Clyde Smith.


The soul of this artist is gifted with a natural sense of curiosity and innovation, making the best use of whatever is available to create.

Featured Art:

FLOE – An audio visual collaboration between mother and son, capturing the dance through life in the waters that surround all of us.

GiselX Florez

Gisel Florez is an artist of manual camera & video techniques incorporating with conceptual practice exploring interconnected nature through visual studies of waves.

Featured Art:

One single take live video recording of Kate Davis for the “Hi, How Are You Project” X World Mental Heath Day honoring Daniel Johnston @ Oso Recording.

Holliday Horton

Holliday is a multi-dimensional artist and animator who creates original works of art in virtual reality that mimics various levels of consciousness to influence viewers to experience an altered state of immersion.

Featured Art:

Tap Dancing is a piece exploring movement and sound with animation and special effects.


Jacki Clark is a British Fine Artist blending VR, AR, 360 video and immersive art.

Featured Art:

Mandala 3DTB is an exploration into immersive experiences using virtual reality and music.


My art is a form of therapy and offering in prayer. I meditate with nature and the goddess energy of Ma Kali before and during my artistic process.

Shiva Slide: Lord shiva has been having some fun recently, the gods are dancing while we feel the thumping as pain. The pain is just a short ride, we will make it.


LAMEBOT is a Miami based artist that utilizes his mercurial music production to fuel his unique aesthetic.

Featured Art:

“Minerva Leaving” – The Goddess has apparently left this world to fend for itself.

Laurence Gartel

Laurence Gartel is known as the Father of Digital Art for over 45 years.

Featured Art:

“Debbie Harry” – The Art exhibited is an original portrait of Punk Rock Diva Debbie Harry 1978.

oculardelusion Multidisciplinary artist currently working in live, large-scale animated public projections, VR and cryptoart; cofounder

Featured Art:

Seeds of Space (2020, Tilt Brush) I wanted to be as far from Earth as possible, immersed somewhere not only with no walls, but with no beginning and no end. Title & concept inspired by the song, Seeds of Space, from In the Village of the Apple Sun (2006), by Anton Barbeau.

Pule Magopa I love to create anything surrealist or ancestral.

Featured Art:

Afro Beat King – Fela Kuti – The artwork celebrates the life of late artists, expressing their legacy outliving their death.

Ruben Alexander Ruben Alexander is a US based digital artist that loves to experiment and mix tools and mediums to share.

Featured Art:

“The death of rock n roll” speaks to this time where social gathering is *verboten* and the ways we have listened to music have been further digitized.

Sahaj Garg Sahaj Garg is a creative ‘technologist’, artist, sound designer and problem solver, fascinated by the cosmos, revelations, perception, macros and zen Philosophies.

Featured Art:

“tethered” is an artwork emerging along the lines of companionship in a digital world, the word tether stands for connecting digital devices and also being confined in a space, the aspect which has more so over has been brought to light due to the pandemic. Reflecting towards a dithered global companionship while also reflecting on some time to self retrospect, being a companion of oneself and dance with your own shadows in this box.

Sara Phinn Sara Phinn is a Visionary art artist exploring psychedelia, cyberpunk, and mythological aesthetics and concepts.

Featured Art:

Bjork is an incredible artist and musician pioneering the interface of VR and music videos, her work has been a lifelong inspiration to me and I wanted to honor her with this tribute portrait of her from her album cover for Homogenic.

Shinji Akhirah Artist. Illustrator. Designer. Wordsmith. Beatmaker. Batteries not included.

Featured Art:

And On: Inspired by the enigmatic and always dynamic Erykah Badu.

Stelcart A Fine Art graduate from Australia and Germany (Bauhaus) who creates conceptual 2D animations.

Featured Art:

Mariah Antoinette – A hybrid of Mariah Carey, song bird with an infamous 5-octave range, and Marie Curie, who was said to occasionally keep birds in her hair.

Stellabelle Cryptoartist and Creator of #Top5NFT Show on Twitter.

Featured Art:

Idea Machine – Within you exists an Idea Machine. This Idea Machine runs 24/7. It produces ideas when you are both awake and asleep. It’s always there. It’s running constantly, whether you are aware of it or not.

Stina Jones Stina Jones is an independent artist, best known for her quirky character designs which incorporate her trademark use of clean lines and bright, happy colours.

Featured Art:

Songbirds of electronic dance music; a page from my digital sketchbook.

TechMental I reproduce reflections of my imaginary topography inspired by society, whilst against the grain of the mundane.

Featured Art:

Electroniq is an art token celebrating Hiltronix, an electronic female DJ artist stationed in Miami, Florida, USA.

The Bad Lament Michelle Brown is an Australian new media and VR artist focused on immersive and interactive art installations and creating storytelling experiences in the extended reality space.

Featured Art:

A co-curator of this event, Michelle Brown displays virtual 3D elements from her VR music videos along with a video teaser for leaving richmond.

Unknown Mizery “We first came to know Toronto’s Unknown Mizery several years ago as a highly outspoken songwriter and recording artist, and since then he’s expanded his overall repertoire immensely.

As a man of many hats, the Guerilla Music emcee is a certified producer, beat maker, radio show producer, entrepreneur, film maker, activist, humanitarian, community builder and even more that…” –

Featured Art:

The song Forever is about finding abundance in the moment with lyrics touch on the good feeling that hip hop culture has, this feeling will live forever. Gamja Beats / ‘Cassidy’ / Italian rapper “Moicano MC”.

Yalo Digital artist duo from Ukraine

Featured Art:

“Mindful Divers” – A couple of aliens from another reality with their pet. They communicate in a language that we don’t know. What are they talking about?


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