A journey from being an engineer to an artist

Arpit Vyas, an engineering grad from Rajasthan, came to Pune in search of a job but a flair for art changed his life.

Arpit Vyas, a self-taught artist from Rajasthan, never thought that one day he would make art his career. An engineering graduate from Sir Padampat Singhania University in ‘City of Lakes’ – Udaipur, he came down to Pune in 2015 in search of a job. However, destiny hadsomething else in store for him.

“It was never an impulsive decision. Deep inside I was always inclined towards it but never thought art is something I could make a career out of. Maybe it was the lack of knowledge and guidance which never motivated me towards it. With time, I realised I needed to make a choice because balancing both together wouldn’t help me make a name,” says Arpit, a self-taught artist, who is making a name in the field of art for four years now.

What challenges did Arpit face while turning his passion into his career? “Learning is a neverending process but the most challenging part was when I faced the uncertainty for my own worth. The questions like, am I too late? Am I even ready to enter this world… would often haunt me and barge my desire to focus on my art. Yet today, I would say I have to face many challenges ahead.”

He started his journey of painting wall murals when he volunteered to paint three walls for an NGO in 2014 in Udaipur at a government school for the deaf and mute.

From creating an art piece on canvas to painting wall murals to crypto art, Arpit is doing them all. However, when asked about his favourite art form, he says, “I have this bug of curiosity that doesn’t let me settle with anything. I keep exploring and going through all the doors possible for me to enter. The journey has been incredible. And it gives me immense satisfaction to share that my family and friends are proud of me for what I am.

It has helped me get a sense of achievement and what more can a person ask for.”

“And as for my favourite form of art, I definitely enjoy painting my imaginative art over walls because I get a bigger canvas,” he quips.

A journey from being an engineer to an artist

Over the last four years, Arpit has completed more than 30 wall murals at corporate offices and cafés/restaurants in Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Goa and Udaipur.

Arpit has conducted more than 50 workshops, various live paintings including performing on the TEDx stage, four times across India.

Sharing his TEDx stage experience, the artist says, “I was painting live on the stage while hundreds of people were acknowledging and appreciating my art with a standing ovation. And it wasn’t just one time. have performed on four TEDx stages in Bhopal, Bengaluru, Jodhpur and Jaipur.” Arpit has also entered the world of crypto art and has started selling NFTS or non

fungible tokens. He explains, “It is basically a digital asset like some artwork, video/audio file that is verified using blockchain technology. It’s a form of digital artwork that can be sold and bought in the crypto world through their currencies. In 2021, some major sales over millions of dollars have been made. So, I thought of trying my luck in this space by introducing my first NFT on ‘knoworigin’ platform.”

The tendency of not settling for less inspires this artist to strive for more. “My focus is going to be on NFTS, wall murals and my traditional paintings. am hoping to paint on bigger walls. have also sent some of my works to the United Kingdom for an exhibition. That has given me another hope of spreading my artwork to the world,” concludes the versatile artist.

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