A closer look: Pixls and their rarities

When you’ve landed on this page, odds are that you’re interested in figuring out how rare one of your Pixls is. If that’s the case you can skip forward to the next section. If you have absolutely no idea what a Pixl even is, let us quickly elaborate.

Each Pixl is an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. It comes with various attributes that define both its visual appearance, its personality, and its rarity. Initially, they are sold through a public sale on the Pixls website. They can be traded on NFT platforms such as OpenSea. There. All up to speed!

The anatomy of a Pixl

Do you have any idea what a Pixl looks like? No? Well, lucky you, we have one right here for demonstration purposes. Let’s take a peek at the Pixl below and dissect the little bugger for all he’s worth.

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A randomized Pixl, may or may not actually exist.

We can tell a few different things based on his appearance already. He has a hat, is an avid cigarette smoker, tattooed, has a ring beard, vanilla skin tone, blond hair, a smile on his face, blue eyes, wears an orange shirt, black shorts, and black sneakers. All of those things will be referred to in this post as traits. And there’s lots of em!

Traits, traits, traits…

Within the Pixl universe the following 27 (visual) traits are defined:

  • Accessories (11)
  • Belts (5)
  • Delicates (3)
  • Earrings (5)
  • Eye Color (7)
  • Eye Type (3)
  • Facial Hair (9)
  • Female Clothing (29)
  • Gender (2)
  • Glasses (11)
  • Hair Color (4)
  • Hair Style (15 normal per gender, 10 special per gender)
  • Headgear (30)
  • Jewelry (6)
  • Lyrics (6)
  • Masks (12)
  • Mouths (8)
  • Outfits (10)
  • Pants (31)
  • Shirts (39)
  • Shoes (14)
  • Skin Tones (5)
  • Smoking (4)
  • Tattoos (5)
  • Types (3)
  • Uniques (19)
  • Wristwear (6)

That. Is. A. Lot. The number of possible combinations of these is in the range of numbers people can’t even imagine. All of these traits and their items have certain probabilities attached to them depending on Gender. Some things will not appear on a certain gender. For example, Female Clothing will only appear on females, whereas Pants and Shirts only appear on males. Another male-only item is Facial Hair.

There’s also rarity to be found in the number of traits a specific Pixl can have. The overview below should indicate where most Pixls should rank when it comes to the number of attributes:

  • 16 traits — 2 Pixls
  • 15 traits — 28 Pixls
  • 14 traits — 185 Pixls
  • 13 traits — 625 Pixls
  • 12 traits — 1454 Pixls
  • 11 traits — 2221 Pixls
  • 10 traits — 2196 Pixls
  • 9 traits — 1541 Pixls
  • 8 traits — 332 Pixls
  • 7 traits — 16 Pixls
  • 1 traits — 19 Pixls (These are the Unique ones)

Some numbers to get you started

There is a total of 8619 Pixls. However, 19 of those are unique creations. These have NOT been generated but instead are hand-crafted 1-of-1 type pieces. They are among the rarest of things you can encounter. For the remaining 8600 Pixls, the ratio male to female Pixls has been taken from real life, where this ratio sits around 101:100. This results in there being 4321 Male Pixls and 4276 Female Pixls.

Some other rare pieces that sit in the same rarity tier are the Outfits. These are hand-crafted 1-of-1 sets of clothing inspired by pop culture. There are 5 male and 5 female outfits. Let’s see if you recognize them all!

Accessories are also among the rarer pieces. An accessory in Pixl terms is an object placed into the scene next to the Pixl. This can even be a pet. These only come in pairs of one per gender. For every male who has a certain accessory, there’s a female counterpart with the same accessory.

What about the non-visual traits?

Each Pixl also has a set of non-visual traits. They are defined mostly through their biography which tells you a bit about them. These biographies are roughly comprised of the following:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Birthday
  • Occupation
  • Tattoo subject if Pixl has a tattoo
  • Relationship Status
  • Relationship with another Pixl
  • Hobbies
  • Phobias
  • Allergies
  • Addictions
  • Best friends with another Pixl


This was just a quick look into some of the things that make up a Pixl. There’s much more left to discover. For example, there are also bad actors in this pixely universe. These are Pixls who’ve done things they should probably go to jail for, but you’ll find out more about those as you dig deeper. There’s much more to discover out there, so we would like to encourage you to dig in and explore!



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