XXXTentacion Portrait Being Released

XXXTentacion Portrait Being Released as NFT by Photographer

A fan-adored portrait of the late XXXTentacion is being released as an NFT.

The portrait—which was shared to X’s Instagram in 2018 and has since garnered more than 24 million likes—was taken by Queens-born photographer Aimos, who has now linked up with the Blockparty marketplace team for a collection of concert photography featuring X. The project, titled Now Crediting: Aimos, features the photo in question that broke records on Instagram and—per a press release—still receives constant comments even three years after first being shared.

For Aimos, the NFT project is an opportunity to promote the importance of proper crediting, as he never received credit for the wildly popular photo.

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“NFTs are a very exciting new medium for photographers,” Aimos said. “We now can create additional resources for young photographers and for those who aren’t as well-informed, and moving forward, we’re creating a system to give artists more opportunities. The end goal would be for photographers to be able to handle their business and to not be afraid of the threat of copyright or credit. NFTs solve this issue, and I’m thrilled to start this off by releasing my work on Blockparty.”

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